Léo + Elie-Joe


We started analysing the thousands of advertising campaigns created on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the results from hundreds of viral videos we produced on various vertical platforms. We quickly came up with a formula to significantly boost advertisers’ ROI in different industries. In 2017, we witnessed a dramatic increase of CPM by 193% on Facebook. Only advertisers that succeed in producing original and cool video content will remain profitable. Indeed, the algorithms of social media giants such as Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat feed on the most engaging video contents.

In addition, we realized that traditional agencies are way too expensive for the ROI they generate. The average view time of a TV ad on social media does not exceed 3 seconds! Angel Studio was born out of the meeting between a video creation expert and an expert in digital acquisition on social media. Angel Studio is a video content agency that produces perfectly optimized formats to engage and convert users on every social media. Creation generates real results as long as it’s driven by insights and an efficient methodology.